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A component-based approach to programming language semantics

Location: CLT701 Date/Time: 28th October 2014, 14:00 - 15:00
Speaker(s): Professor Peter D Mosses.

Brief Description:

Formal specifications of programming languages can be useful for documenting their design, and as a basis for developing implementations and reasoning about program correctness. But although language developers generally specify syntax formally, they stick to informal prose for semantics. This is at least partly due to the effort required to specify the formal semantics of large-scale languages with conventional frameworks, and to update such specifications when languages evolve. The talk introduces and illustrates the component-based approach, and explains how funcons can be specified independently using a modular variant of structural operational semantics.  

Compositional Lipid Assemblies as Evolving Protocells

Location: CLT 701 Date/Time: 28th October 2014, 16:00 - 17:00
Speaker(s): Omer Markovitch.

Brief Description:

Life is complex, and its origin is about how sufficient chemical complexity emerged to afford replication, which later gave rise to the last-universal-common-ancestor. A crucial aspect of replication and evolution is the faithful transmission of sufficient information to progeny. The graded autocatalysis replication domain (GARD) model, in the realm of the lipid world scenario, offers a possible route for such pursuit. In this framework, non-covalent assemblies of amphiphiles, such as lipid micelles or vesicles, can acquire adequate endogenous complexity, mediated by a set of catalyzed chemical reactions akin to metabolism......

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