Colloquia and Seminars

Computing Science - Colloquia and Seminars

Neo4j: Research and Practice in Graph Databases

Location: The Core, Science Central Date/Time: 3rd October 2016, 10:45 - 12:00
Speaker(s): Dr. Jim Webber.

Brief Description:In this talk we'll present some motivating use-cases for graph databases and demonstrate the state of the art in querying connected data. Having established the usefulness of graph querying, we'll move into research challenges encompassing traditional database aspects like query optimisation and allied areas from distributed systems like transaction processing. We'll see how the inherently connected nature of graph data poses challenges for some established techniques and opportunities for newer techniques to shine.

Thinking Digital Women - 1st November at Northern Stage

Location: Northern Stage, Newcastle upon Tyne Date/Time: 1st November 2016, 08:00 - 18:00

Brief Description:Taking place on Tuesday, 1st November at Northern Stage in Newcastle upon Tyne, Thinking Digital Women will focus on the inspiring contributions that women all over the world are making towards advancements in technology, engineering, science, entrepreneurship and innovation. Our speakers will primarily be female but not exclusively so.

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