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New Security blog: "Security Upon Tyne"

A new blog, called "Security Upon Tyne", has been set up by security researchers in the School of Computing Science. The aim of the blog is to provide a platform to facilitate two-way communication: 1) to disseminate original research results done in the School to people outside the School; and 2) more importantly, to allow any reader over the Internet to comment, scrutinize and criticize the reported research results. The blog has been configured to allow anyone to freely comment.
To read the blog, please follow this link:

published on: 5th September 2014

Digital Interaction team aiming to capture The Great North Run

In a bid to turn us all into film-makers, Computing Science’s Digital Interaction group are exploring the potential of crowdsourcing to create a unique film that captures the run from the crowd’s perspective. Spectators at the Great North Run are being asked to get involved this year by helping to capture the event on their mobile phones as part of a major experiment.

published on: 4th September 2014

National Student Survey shows high satisfaction with Computing at Newcastle

92% of students graduating with a BSc from the School of Computing Science are satisfied with their overall experience, in results released by the latest National Student Survey.

published on: 12th August 2014

BBC interview with Paolo Missier: The cost of free wireless internet

Free wireless is to be introduced in Newcastle city centre by the end of 2015. What are the benefits and costs of how the data will be used by the service providers? The BBC investigated how the service currently works in other cities; for example, even without connecting to a wireless system, service providers can detect where a mobile phone user has been and can pass this information onto businesses. Paolo Missier is interviewed by BBC Newcastle (see link below) and believes that phone users should be made more aware of how the providers use mobile phone data.

published on: 30th July 2014

Digital Interaction Group creates a digital window into the past via new App

A new App is being used to bring Belsay Hall, one of Northumberland’s historic houses, to life in an exciting new visitor experience. Designed by PhD student Gavin Wood and Dr Simon Bowen, part of the Digital Interaction Group at Culture Lab, the game – which is played via a free iPhone app – is being launched this week in time for the summer holidays. The new game encourages families to explore the 19th century Belsay Hall in a whole new way, bringing to life the mythical Wild Man of Belsay who features in the Middleton family’s coat of arms.

published on: 30th July 2014

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