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Professor Brian Randell Complete Archive Now Online

Professor Brian Randell's professional and academic career achievements are now chronicled together in one archive (from 1950 to 2009). The fully catalogued materials are now available via a newly setup profile webpage on the University Library website.

published on: 23rd November 2015

ICOS research group and openlab CERN reveal the winner of International Coding Contest

Collaborators, Interdisciplinary Computing and Complex BioSystems (ICOS) research group (within Computing Science) and openlab at CERN reveal the winner of an international coding contest challenge. The challenge was available only to students who were required to optimize code used to simulate brain development. In particular, the software focuses on simulating the development of a normal and diseased brain, in order to identify the causes and potential treatments for neurodevelopmental brain disorders, such as epilepsy, autism, and schizophrenia. This code is part of an existing CERN openlab research project, in collaboration with ICOS, which uses a "parallel programming" framework to help accelerate research among multiple scientists. Read more about the prize at the USA Today website.

published on: 16th November 2015

Marie Devlin awarded Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Marie Devlin has been awarded Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. The title is recognised across the HE sector as evidence of expertise and commitment to enhancing and supporting the student learning experience. This is the School of Computing Science’s third Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy award; which have been previously awarded to Lindsay Marshall and Chris Philips.


published on: 12th November 2015

Royal Mail 2015 Year Book - Prof Brian Randell on Tommy Flowers

The Royal Mail 2015 Year Book contains an article commissioned from Professor Brian Randell on Tommy Flowers. The Year Book is a record of the year’s sets of commemorative stamps. Tommy Flowers' work featured on one of the set of eight Inventive Britain stamps that the Royal Mail issued this year.

published on: 5th November 2015

CPSE Labs: 2nd Open Call for Innovation Projects

The Cyber-Physical Lab (CPLab) in the School of Computer Science has announced a new open call process, offering businesses the opportunity to apply for up to €150,000 as well as receiving technical support from CPLab research staff. Detailed information about the Open Call is available on the CPSE Labs website:

published on: 29th October 2015

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