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Students impress with coding challenge

Students from the School of Computing Science recently took part in a coding challenge posed by GCHQ, who came and set up the challenge as part of the Computer Network Operations Specialists (CNOS) recruitment campaign.
The aim was to find gifted students who have complex coding and problem-solving skills, talents needed to work in both cyber security or cyber intelligence roles at GCHQ. Two challenges were set: a coding challenge and a "find the bugs" challenge. For the coding challenge, students had a limited time in which to write code to draw a doughnut on the screen. Prize winners were James McLaughlin (BSc Computer Science) and Stuart Maitland (MSc Neuroinformatics) who both provided very good quality solutions. Prize winners selected from a number of good answers were Martin Smith and Geoff Whitehead (both BSc Computer Science). The winners each received a £25 Amazon voucher. Congratulations to all winners!

published on: 22nd May 2015

Dr Taha Ali: How (not) to deploy an electronic voting system


As a judicial commission inquiry on election rigging in Pakistan gets underway, Dr Taha Ali argues that electronic voting machines (EVMs) need years of research and pilot studies before being rolled out on a mass scale. Dr Taha Ali is a Research Associate in Computing Science. His research topics include next-generation voting systems, cryptocurrencies and security for emerging networks. Read the full online article in ‘Tribune’ here.

published on: 21st May 2015

Thinking Digital conference live at the SAgE Gateshead

Computing Science’s Digital Institute (DI) is proudly sponsoring Thinking Digital for the fifth consecutive year. DI's research focuses on discovering novel ways of using digital technologies to solve real-world challenges in a wide range of areas. They collaborate closely with researchers in science, engineering, healthcare, social inclusion, culture and education, which has generated more than £40 million in external funding. The Institute has recently created the Cloud Innovation Centre on Science Central, co-locating researchers with businesses to help foster partnerships between researchers, industry and the public sector.

published on: 20th May 2015

John Colquhoun wins Teaching Excellence award

The School of Computing Science is celebrating the 2015 Newcastle Teaching Excellence Awards (T.E.A.). The awards, now in the fourth year are organised by Newcastle University Student Union and are voted for entirely by the student population. This year John Colquhoun from the School of Computing Science has won a Teaching Excellence award for ‘Innovative Teaching Methods – within the SAgE faculty’. Well Done John.

published on: 15th May 2015

Live Broadcast: Devices and Networking Summit 2015

The Devices & Networking Summit 2015 (12-13 May, Paris) brings together 200 thought leaders, researchers and practitioners from academia and industry, drawn from a broad range of disciplines including computer science, engineering and design. The following academics are attending from the Digital Interaction group in Computing Science: Patrick Olivier, Thomas Ploetz, Karim Ladha (RA), Vasilis Vlachokyriakos (PhD student). Prof. Patrick Olivier will be talking about Digital Civics and Karim and Vasilis will be demonstrating ‘PosterVote’ (see and ).  Watch the event online via the Digital Interaction website (12th May) and take part in the discussion.

published on: 11th May 2015

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