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National Student Survey: Shape the future of the university and win your school £500

Are you a final year student at Newcastle University? Don’t miss your chance to help shape the future of the university and win your school £500 by completing your NSS survey entry. To get started follow the instructions sent to your university email account or visit:

published on: 3rd February 2016

Hackathon 2016: Computer Science students aim to 'beat the stock market'

On Saturday (6th February) the Newcastle University Computing and Technology Society are working with Scott Logic to host a Coding Challenge which will test Computer Science students. The aim is to 'beat the stock market' by designing an algorithm to buy and sell shares at the right time. It is being held in Lindisfarne Room in King's Road Centre from 12pm to 4pm. Prizes will be given to the winning team by Scott Logic. Employees of Scott Logic will be available throughout the day to help anyone participating or answer questions on working in the Software Industry.

published on: 1st February 2016

Computing Science at Newcastle and partners double reach of CAS Network of Teaching Excellence

The Network of Teaching Excellence in Computer Science (NoE) is a national community of professional practice. This community is a partnership between schools, universities, IT employers and professional bodies. It is run by the Computing At School group (CAS), which itself is part of BCS. Thanks to funding from the Department for Education (DfE) the NoE now has ten university partners coordinating regional activity for the NoE.

published on: 22nd January 2016

Newcastle research making impact on Bitcoin payment

Researchers at the School of Computing Science uncovered security flaws in a community-accepted standard Bitcoin payment protocol called BIP70. The BIP70 protocol governs how merchants and customers perform payments in Bitcoin, and is supported by most major Bitcoin wallets and the two dominant Payment Processors: Coinbase and BitPay, who collectively provide the infrastructure for accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment to more than 100,000 merchants (including Dell, Microsoft and Paypal). However, a lack of authentication on the refund address defined in BIP70 opens the door for criminals to perform illegal activities without being detected, such as money laundering and phishing-like attacks. The identified flaws have been acknowledged by both Coinbase and BitPay with temporary mitigation measures put in place. However, to fully address the identified issues will require revising the BIP70 standard. The same researchers have presented a concrete proposal to revise BIP70, which is being evaluated by the Bitcoin community. If the proposed revision is eventually accepted and implemented in the Bitcoin world, the impact of this research work will likely affect every Bitcoin user and Bitcoin merchant.

published on: 20th January 2016

Paolo Missier awarded £584,269 EPSRC grant

Times Higher Education have announced grant winners for December 2015. Among the winners are those awarded by the ‘Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council’, which include a £584,269 grant awarded to Dr. Paolo Missier for the project: ReComp: sustained value extraction from analytics by recurring selective recomputation.

Read more about the awards via the THE website.

published on: 4th January 2016

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