BBC interview with Martin Emms about glitches with contactless card payment

Reported today (18th May) on the BBC website, "Marks & Spencer have equipped their tills with not just card readers but with dual function Verifone 820 card readers. They accept contactless cards in the same terminal as normal Chip and PIN transactions. But who decides which card is used to pay? The customer - or the terminal? Many listeners tell us the machine takes the payment from a random contactless card in their wallet before they put their chosen card into the machine." Martin Emms, a researcher into new payment formats at Newcastle Universities' Centre for Cybercrime and Computer Security has also replicated this glitch with his own payment cards and is interviewed by the BBC about the issue.

Follow this link to hear the full BBC report (0 – 8:33 mins), Martin Emms is interviewed at 4:37mins,

The story has also been reported by the German news site '', the online 'info security' magazine, the Mail online, The Week, The Times and Sky News.

Martin is interviewed about card terminal security on Radio 5 live Saturday Edition (1hr 16 mins into program), Radio 4 You and Yours (47 mins, 44 sec), Radio 2 Drivetime (1 hr 36 mins 36 sec), Radio 4 Today (2 hr 47 mins 45 sec).

published on: 18th May 2013