French Kitchen

The French Digital Kitchen has received interest from all over the world including from those working in the media. The project is a collaboration between Computing Science, the Digital Institute and ECLS, involving: Professor Patrick Olivier (CS), Professor Paul Seedhouse(ECLS), Mr Daniel Jackson(CS), Dr Saandia Ali. (ECLS), Dr Anne Preston (ECLS), Mr Jurgen Wagner (CS), Mr Phil Heslop (CS), Mr Cuong Pham (CS) and Dr Thomas Ploetz(CS).

The research team have featured in international, national and regional press. We are really pleased that a range of people from so many different contexts have been able to read, watch and listen to information about what the kitchen has to offer language learning in the UK and beyond.

You can also read a number of articles about the kitchen by clicking on the links below:

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published on: 12th December 2011