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The information provided in these pages give guidance, announcements and alerts relating to jobs, placements and recruitment events.

Work experience during your degree can take the form of a 12 - 15 month placement taken as part of the degree, or shorter summer internships, or part-time work during term time. All varieties provide a period of practical experience which will benefit your further academic study and longer term career; an official industrial placement will also provide the opportunity to recognise and record the development of work-place skills.

If you plan to do an official placement:

  • You need to be on the correct degree course (for example, G401 BSc Computer Science with Industrial Placement, G421 BSc Computer Science (Mobile and Distributed Systems) with Industrial Placement, etc. If you are not yet on that programme, you will need to complete a Degree Programme Change form, available from CS Reception, to be signed by the Degree Programme Director. However, this can be done after you have secured a placement
  • You are responsible for finding, and applying for, the placement. You can get help from the School, by browsing the placement adverts given here, by talking to the Placements Co-ordinator and signing up for alerts from the Careers Service (Vacancies Online), but we do not guarantee that you will find a placement
  • Once you've secured a placement, you must complete a Placement Approval Form.
  • Once you have started your placement, you will need to complete a Report Form online giving updated contact details and more information about your work to date.

Further information about placements can be found in the Placement Handbook.

Placements and Jobs Online

Current information about placements, events, graduate recruitment and advice can be found on our jobs blog, together with a searchable archive. This information is also posted on twitter @csatncljobs and


Sevcon Scholarship

Are you looking to work for a cutting edge engineering business who will sponsor you through the remainder of your studies, offer you paid work experience, a placement year if desired and a job upon graduation? If so look no further, Sevcon is your answer. Read more about the Sevcon Scholarship here.