CAS North East Primary Conference

Newcastle University
Wednesday 2 April 2014

About the day

Over 160 teachers gathered on 2 April 2014 for the Computing At School (CAS) North East Primary Conference. The day included guidance on the new primary computing curriculum and hands-on workshops with plenty of practical examples of how to deliver computing in practice (with and without computers). To quote from delegate feedback, the conference:

  • "... made the new curriculum seem more relevant and understandable." milesberry-keynote
  • "... inspired confidence that I will be able to move forward with the new curriculum."
  • provided "... great info about websites and programmes that can be used to support the new curriculum."
  • was " ... genuinely the best CPD I have attended in 12 years as a teacher ..."

Tweets about the conference are at: #casneconf


Conference sessions and resources

  • Keynote 1: Insights into the primary computing curriculum, Miles Berry, Roehampton University
  • Keynote 2: Managing the transition from ICT to Computing, Mark Dorling, CAS/BCS NoE CPD Coordinator
  • Workshop 1.1 Practical curriculum development, Phil Bagge, CAS Regional Coordinator and Master Teacher, via video link to CAS Wessex Conference
  • Workshop 1.2 Simple sorting algorithms, Claire Graham, North Tyneside CLC
  • Workshop 1.3 Why schools cannot afford to neglect digital citizenship, Simon Finch, Northern Grid for Learning
  • Workshop 1.4 Primary programming, Mark Clarkson, CAS Master Teacher and Egglescliffe School, Eaglescliffe
  • Workshop 2.1 St Cuthbert's Primary Computational Thinking Project, Patsy Walsh and team, St Cuthbert's High School
  • Workshop 2.2 Computing in Key Stage 1 or how to program with Post-it Notes, Mandy Martin, Primary Consultant
  • Workshop 2.3 Primary computing with iPads, Steve Bunce, Steve4Thinking
  • Workshop 2.4 Scratch lightshows, Chris Wilde, North Tyneside CLC
  • Workshop 3.1 Networks Unplugged, Mark Dorling, CAS/BCS NoE CPD Coordinator
    • Abstract
    • Slides
    • Note: a complete set of CS-Unplugged style resources for this session will be available soon (by July 2014)
  • Workshop 3.2 From cardboard construction to coding, Claire Graham, North Tyneside CLC
  • Workshop 3.3 Codes and ciphers, Mark Clarkson, CAS Master Teacher and Teesside Hub Leader
  • Workshop 3.4 Exploring the new computing curriculum with LEGO Education Robotics, David Gregory, LEGO Education
  • Workshop 3.5 Collaborative Learning Technologies, Culture Lab Digital Interaction Group
  • Next steps and new initiatives, Nick Cook and Aad van Moorsel, School of Computing Science

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