Dr Paolo Missier

 My profile and interests are currently available through my personal Web pages, which you can find here

My master publications list. Note that the list that you can reach from the "Publication" tab on this page is not entirely under my control, and I do not take responsibility for it.

 My background is in data and information management (including the semantic variety), and software architecture design. My current research interests include the modelling and design of data and systems architectures in support of computational science.
I am currently active in these areas:
  • Workflow theme: Process automation and workflow technology, specifically for scientific applications
  • Provenance theme: Modelling, management, and knowledge discovery from large corpora of data provenance
  • Data and Information Quality theme: models and architectures for quality-aware information management
My favourite technology areas include semantic data modelling (RDF), data mining, distributed SW architectures, cloud computing.

CSC2012 - Databases (stage 2)

CSC8101 (part) Information Management, M.Sc. CS