Dr Claire Ingram
Research Associate

Claire obtained her first degree from the University of Durham, followed later by an MSc in Computing Science from Newcastle University.  After graduating she spent five years working in the north east of England in various industries as a software developer and website manager. 

She returned to Newcastle in 2007 to start a PhD, working under the supervision of Steve Riddle.  Her PhD involved developing some new metrics as part of an investigation into whether early project data can be used to predict later change-proneness. 

After obtaining her PhD she has worked at Newcastle as a Teaching Fellow as well as researching prediction models in software engineering and contributing towards the DESTECS project.  Currently Claire contributes towards the COMPASS project, a research consortium investigating the use of model-based techniques for developing and maintaining systems-of-systems. 

Claire's research interests lie in software engineering, particularly in software metrics, volatility and change management, and requirements engineering.

Currently she is working on the COMPASS project, a large European-funded research consortium investigating the use of model-based techniques for developing and maintaining systems of systems.  On COMPASS she is involved in architectural modelling approaches, fault tolerance, traceability, taxonomy development and roadmapping. 

Previously Clare worked on the DESTECS project, which developed tools and techniques to support the development of fault-tolerant embedded systems.  DESTECS tools focussed on bridging the gap between different disciplines (e.g., software developers, and mechanical or control engineers) involved in fault tolerant embedded systems.

She has interests generally in software and process metrics as well as empirical software engineering approaches, and the techniques and processes used to derive conclusions and recommendations from case studies.  She also has an interest in studying collaboration, particularly between software engineering teams.