Clare Graham
Research Secretary - SiDE project


As SiDE ( Research Secretary I provide a comprehensive support service for the entire hub. SiDE is an interdisciplinary research project (hosted at Newcastle & Dundee University) aimed at realising the potential for digital technologies to transform the lives of people who are socially excluded. SiDE is funded through the RCUK Digital Economy Theme and is 1 of 3 flagship hubs in the UK.  

I provide PA duties to SiDE's PI (Prof Paul Watson), book travel for the project’s many Researchers, am responsible for all the purchasing and help plan/run events and organise internal research workshops. I'm extremely interested in supporting all of our Engagement & Impact work, both externally with the public and industry partners at a national and international levels, as well as regionally and internally across campus.

I've recently completed a secondment post in the Procurement Office, implementing a new travel contract & booking tool across the campus.


I have worked for Newcastle University for 6 years in Research support roles. I initially worked as Receptionist and Facilities coordinator in Culture Lab where I organised many conferences, seminars and research related activities.

Before working at the University I worked at STA Travel and in the hotel industry in Conference and Events.

Clerical Qualifications: 

  • European Computer Driving License (ECDL)
  • OCR Level 3 Text Processing Qualification (Business Professional)  
  • Business Administration NVQ - Level 3

Development Courses: 

  • Senior Support Staff Development Programme (SSSDP)
  • Women's Development Programme
  • New Starter Development Programme (NSDP)

Membership & Groups:

  • Association of Research Managers and Administrators (ARMA)
  • Newcastle University Event Planners Network
  • Health Advocate

I participate in the Mentoring for Administrative and Professional Staff (MAPS) Scheme as a Mentor and Mentee.

Informal Interests:

I am a keen traveller. I spent 14 months in SE Asia and Australasia both travelling & working. I enjoy cooking/baking and practicing yoga.