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Dr Goksel Misirli

Research Associate


I am a senior postdoctoral researcher in the School of Computing Science, and a member of the Interdisciplinary Computing and Complex BioSystems (ICOS) research group. I have a degree in Control and Computer Engineering and I had my PhD in synthetic biology. My PhD thesis title was "Data Integration to inform computational design in synthetic biology" and the thesis outlined the early applications, if not the first, of data integration in the field.  

I am involved in research activities exploring the idea of design automation for biological systems, in the area of synthetic biology.  I focuses upon biological design automation, with the aim of scaling up biological system designs, in order to achieve novel and complex designs. I am interested in model-driven design approaches that have already been used to synthesize complex electronic systems, computer software and so on. Moreover, I explore the use of formal semantics to capture design information for machine interoperability. I am part of the data standard communities in synthetic biology, particularly SBOL, to standardise the computational exchange of synthetic biology designs between different tools. Data standards are especially important in the nascent field of synthetic biology, in order to combine the power of many useful tools that are still under development, and to execute complex computational workflows using these tools. 

I was a local organiser in different conferences and workshops including IWBDA 2016 and ICB2014, and I was involved in national and international collaborations. My publishing records include papers in high-quality journals, including Nature Biotechnology, Bioinformatics and ACS Synthetic Biology.

Specialties: Synthetic biology, data integration, systems biology, biological networks, genetic circuit design, modelling of biological systems, SBML, CellML, biological ontologies