Dr John Vines

I'm a Research Associate within the Digital Interaction group based in Culture Lab, with a background in interaction design, product design, philosophy of mind and cognitive science. I am currently working on the TSB funded 'SALT' project where I am refining participatory design methods and techniques so they are applicable in the domain of future digital healthcare technologies. Alongside this I am continuing my ongoing research into design theory and methods for participatory and co-design, technology to support and question ageing, and unpicking the qualities of inter- and transdisciplinary approaches to research. This includes exploring what the term 'participation' means in the context of digital interaction and HCI, questioning why and how we include vulnerable people in the design process, and what all of this might mean in a period where boundaries between disciplines are increasingly blurred.

Prior to this, I was the lead RA for Newcastle University's node of 'The Creative Exchange' AHRC Hub, where I was exploring new mechanisms and methods to support increased engagement between Arts and Humanities academics and the creative industries. Before joining Newcastle University I was a Senior Research Assistant at Northumbria University’s School of Design where I was the lead RA on the EPSRC 'Digital Economy' funded ‘New Approaches to Banking for the Older Old’ project. On this project - a collaboration between York, Northumbria and Newcastle (Culture Lab and Business School) Universities - I worked with computer scientists, financial experts, ethnographers, psychologists, designers and, most importantly, our ‘eighty somethings’, in a participatory and experience-centred approach to design. As a result we developed a number of novel technologies and services along with guidance on future policy to enable the needs and desires of our eighty something collaborators be better supported by the UK banking industry. Prior to this project I completed an AHRC funded PhD with Transtechnology Research at the University of Plymouth. During my doctoral research I spent time working within gerontology, social science, cognitive science and neuroscience to better understand notions of cognition and embodiment as they relate to ageing and the design theory and practice surrounding inclusive design and HCI.

Along with the above, I am working on a number of other projects exploring new methods for experience-centered design, do-it-yourself practices and technologies, designing new platforms to support financial delegation, and working with colleagues in the Institute of Health and Society on designing independent healthcare technologies.

Please visit my personal website for more information: http://www.johnvines.eu