Dr Martin Emms
Research Associate

Martin Emms is a member of the SiDE team researching technologies that can help survivors of domestic violence.  Survivors of domestic violence can be excluded by the technology designed to assist them, the internet browser, SMS and the mobile phone all leave electronic traces behind wich their abuser can follow to detect that the survivor has been seeking help which may cause more abuse. Our research aims to create technologies that help survivor access domestic violence support services. The Hyper-DoVe (Hyper-privacy: Case of Domestic Violence) project, develops privacy enhancing technologies for victims of domestic violence.

Martin is currently studying for a research PhD at Newcastle University’s Centre for Cybercrime and Computer Security (CCCS), the research focuses on the potential vulnerabilities in Near Field Communications (NFC) based payment technologies and solutions that can reduce or eliminate these vulnerabilities.

Prior this Martin was a Solutions Architect specialising in back office, transactional and e-commerce systems for major financial institutions. Working in the UK, US and Australia Martin was responsible for designing, costing and implementing multi-million dollar systems for clients such as Bank of America, Chase (Australia), Commonwealth Bank of Australia, ANZ, Westpac, Computershare, HBoS, Alliance & Leicester and Royal Bank of Scotland.

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Martin's  PhD research into potential vulnerabilities in the EMV payments system brought about by the introduction of Near Field Communications (NFC) payment technologies (i.e. NFC payment cards, mobile phone payments applications, NFC payment tags and NFC payment / top-up wrist bands). Supervised by Professor Aad van Moorsel with the School of Computing Science at Newcastle University.

We are meticulously examining the EMV protocol to find any anomalies that reduce the security of the new payment formats and devising solutions which will remove or mitigate the problem. Our practical experiments on the NFC payments are based on the Android mobile phone and PC platforms, some of these experiments have been developed into practical demonstrations that have been shown at the Newcastle Science Fest and University admission days.

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