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Dr Richard Payne

Research Associate


Richard received his BSc (Hons) in Computing Science from Newcastle University in 2005. He obtained his PhD in 2012 at Newcastle University under the supervision of Dr. John Fitzgerald, as part of the DIRC project, titled Verifiable Resilience in Architectural Reconfiguration. As part of his PhD, Richard provided a basis for the formal verification of policies defined using a reconfiguration policy language (RPL) for the governance of resilient component-based systems

Richard's focus is on architectrual modelling in resilient systems. Following his PhD on models of dynamic reconfiguration, he worked on several projects in architectural modelling in Systems of Systems (SoSs).  He worked on the Dynamic Coalition Workbench and as an RA on the Ministry of Defence funded SSEI project; was involved in the 'Interface Contracts for Architectural Specification and Assessment' sub task, investigating the use of contract-based interface specification in system-of-system architectural models; and worked on the COMPASS project, on the use of model-based techniques for developing and maintaining systems-of-systems.

Richard is currently working on SoS and Cyber-Physical System (CPS) projects, including the EU H2020 INTO-CPS project which is aiming to produce a model-based tool chain for CPS design and development. His research interests include architectural modelling, dynamic architectural reconfiguration, the pragmatic application of formal modelling, and SoS/CPS engineering.


Richard's research as an RA and during PhD studies is largely focussed on resilience and dependability in system architectural modelling, critical elements in software and system engineering. In dynamic network-enabled computing systems, the ability to model the connections, communication protocols and functionality of components increases the understanding and confidence which may be placed upon increasing complex systems.

His expertise largely centres on the research in model-based engineering and architectural modelling - particularly in Systems of Systems. His research in the SSEI Interface Contracts for Architectural Specification and Assessment subtask and the COMPASS project has resulted in a series of architectural modelling patterns, modelling frameworks in fault modelling, fault analysis and contractual modelling, tool design and development (in analysis plugins for an Eclipse-based open tool platform).

His doctoral research, in the field of predictable dynamic reconfiguration, covers fields in formal language definition, dynamic architectural modelling and formal reasoning.