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Rouaa Yassin Kassab

Teaching Assistant


Rouaa completed her postgraduate studies in Computing Science at Newcastle University and is currently writing research papers and conducting joint research within the 'Secure & Resilient Systems' research group.

Further information about Rouaa:



PhD in Computer Science. PhD Thesis Title: "A Methodology for Automated Service Level Agreement Compliance Prediction". Supervisor: Prof. Aad van Moorsel. Summary of the thesis: Predicting the compliance of SLA contracts before agreeing to a new one in order to avoid contract breaching which will incur paying penalties. This is done by creating a novel engineering methodology that adopts the use of the performance modelling approach. It also makes use of the existing numerical solution algorithms and discrete event simulation to solve the stochastic model. 


A descriptor 1 of the UK Professional Standards Framework (UK PSF).

Rouaa became an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy after completing the ITLHE Part B module. This module for teaching and supporting learning is for institutions to apply to their professional development programmes and activities. 


BSc in Computer Science, Tishreen University, Lattakia, Syria. 

Research Interests: Rouaa's  research is about performance modelling and analysing, web services and Service Level Agreement.