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Professor Thomas McCutcheon

Visiting Professor of Practice


Prof. Thomas McCutcheon has taught on UG and PG courses within the School and is also contributing to its research. One such strand on "Virtual Organisations' ("Dynamic Coalitions") has already been successful to the extent that the School has set up joint work with DSTL and have subsequently published a series of papers with Dr. John Fitzgerald and Dr. Jeremy Bryans.

Prof. McCutcheon works as a Fellow within the Information Management at Dstl. He is part of a high level structure responsible for the shaping future MOD ICT strategic engagement. He provides technical direction of a range of high profile research programmes mostly carried out as interdisciplinary, often international, collaborations. These programmes are focussed on emerging government needs in the areas of defence, critical infrastructure protection and counterterrorism. His personal research is moving from the study of dependable sociotechnical systems to complexity focussed aspects of dynamic coalitions and virtual organisations. He is a registered EU Expert and is retained by the EPSRC / ESRC as a registered reviewer. He was awarded a visiting chair by Newcastle University in 2006. Current examples of his technical leadership roles include:

UK national Lead on the Complex Adaptive Systems action group (AG14) of the 5 nations defence programme, The Technical Collaboration Programme (TTCP)

UK National lead on an intelligence focussed trilateral with the US and Australia on emerging information management technologies

UK lead on the AAMOST (Anglo Australian Memorandum of (Defence) Science & Technology) Information assurance task UK lead on two information focussed working packages (communications and ICT) in the EU European Defence Agency) EDA Dstl Point of Contact with the ICT component of the EPSRC

Technical Advisory Board member of the Counterterrorist S&T programme

Technical Advisory Board member of the BERR Cyber Security Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN)

Technical Advisory board member of the MOD Cyber Security forum.

Dstl Representative on the Large Scale IT Modelling consortium (LSCITS) Technical advisory board member of the EU CIIRCO and the Newcastle Based TrAmS initiatives

Dstl representative on the North East Fraud (prevention) forum and the Birmingham University based West Midlands development forum.

Prof. McCutcheon is actively involved in developing strategic links between Dstl (and wider government) and Academia. He is retained by the MOD DTiC Director General of Strategy, Dr Chris Mace to assist with the wider MOD academic engagement programme, and leads within Dstl on ICT engagement. He is scheduled to participate on a number of emerging EPSRC / ESRC "Sandpits", or Ideas Factories, from November 2009 focussing on Resilience etc. He is actively involved in a range of internal capability development exercises including the "Devito" and Accelerated Systems Skills (ASSP) programmes. He also mentors "Dstl Scholars" under the Dstl Fellow scheme and is an occasional guest lecturer with Newcastle, Birmingham and Cranfield universities.