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Dr Zoe Andrews

Research Associate


Dr. Zoe Andrews is a Research Associate with interests in dependability, architectural modelling, formal methods, probability, systems of systems and cyber-physical systems.  She currently works on the TAMS4CPS project where she assists in the creation of a strategic collaboration agenda between the EU and US on modelling and simulation of cyber-physical systems.  Her current research focuses on modelling and analysis of dependability attributes, primarily at the architectural level.

Zoe previously worked on the COMPASS and TrAmS-2 projects, where she developed extensions to SysML in order to support modelling and analysis of faults in systems of systems.

Zoe was awarded her PhD (supervised by Prof. John Fitzgerald) on "Continuous Probability Distributions in Model-Based Specification Languages" in 2012.  This investigated ways in which probabilistic reasoning could be combined with logical reasoning for the specification and analysis of fault-tolerant systems.

Zoe also spent two years working on ReSIST, where she was responsible for compiling and contributing to a library of metadata-based descriptions of resilience mechanisms and providing support for decision making over such mechanisms.

Zoe has a BSc in Statistics and Computer Science, and an MSc in Process Analytics and Quality Technology, both from Newcastle University.