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Scalable Computing

Scalable Computing


We create the enabling technology required to deliver tomorrow's large-scale services.

Our work ranges from scalable cloud computing and big data analytics, to video game technologies and green computing.

We host the EPSRC Doctoral Training Centre in Cloud Computing for Big Data. We run two advanced masters programmes: Cloud Computing and Game Engineering.

Over 60 students a year graduate from our research group to meet the needs of industry and society.

We also work closely with successful global and local IT companies, including:

  • Microsoft
  • Red Hat
  • HP 
  • Sony
  • Arjuna
  • Ubisoft

Our work with the public sector includes close collaboration with Newcastle City Council.

Our aims

Our ethos is 'research with purpose'. We aim to have both societal and economic impact. 

We work on some of the major challenges facing society. This includes leading the Social Inclusion through the Digital Economy hub. 

Our work extends beyond the traditional computing industry. Our research projects bring our solutions to a broader array of researchers and commercial sectors. This includes:

  • chemical engineering
  • healthcare
  • railways
  • medicine 
  • entertainment


Find out which staff members are involved in our research.


Dr William Blewitt
Teaching Fellow

Telephone: +44 191 208 7332

Mahum Butt
Research Software Developer

Dr Jacek Cala
Senior Research Associate

Telephone: +44 191 208 4149

Stephen Dowsland
Research Software Developer

Telephone: +44 191 208 4141

Dr Paul Ezhilchelvan
Reader in Distributed Computing

Telephone: +44 191 208 8134


Dr Matthew Forshaw
Lecturer in Data Science

Telephone: +44 191 208 4142

Dr Hugo Hiden
Technical Director

Telephone: +44 191 208 4149

Professor Nick Holliman
Professor of Visualization


Dr Paolo Missier
Reader in Large Scale Inform Management

Telephone: +44 191 208 4166

Dr Graham Morgan
Senior Lecturer

Telephone: +44 191 208 7983

Dr Raj Ranjan
Reader in Computing Science

Dr Craig Sharp
Research Associate

Telephone: +44 191 208 3293

Emeritus Professor Santosh Shrivastava
Senior Research Investigator

Telephone: +44 191 208 8038

Dr Mike Simpson
Research Software Developer


Martin Smith
Guest Member of Staff

Telephone: +44 191 208 8139

Dr Jannetta Steyn
Senior Research Associate


Dr Nigel Thomas
Reader in Performance Engineering

Telephone: +44 191 208 8182

Mark Turner
Senior Research Software Engineer


Dr Gary Ushaw

Telephone: +44 191 208 8505

Professor Paul Watson
Director of the Digital Institute, Professor of Computer Science

Telephone: +44 191 208 4148

Dr Simon Woodman
Senior Research Associate

Telephone: +44 191 208 4149

Dr Jiawei Xu
Research Associate



Find out which students are involved in our research.

Mr. Callum Rhodes Email:
Telephone: +44 191 20 83293
Mr. Hugo Firth Email:
Telephone: +44 191 20 84145
Mr. Qi Shen Email:
Ms. Lesego Peter Email:
Mr. Ibrahim El-Sanosi Email:
Telephone: +44 191 20 84145
Ms. Rawaa Qasha Email:
Telephone: +44 191 20 84145
Mr. Said Kamil Email:
Telephone: +44 191 20 87953
Mr. Choman Abdullah Email:
Telephone: +44 191 20 87953
Ms. Ana Mihut Email:
Telephone: +44 191 20 83464
Mr. Faris Llwaah Email:
Telephone: +44 191 20 84145
Mr. Pieran Marris Email:
Mrs. Tong Xin Email:
Mr. Jack Aiston Email:
Mr. Richard Cloete Email:
Mr. Thomas Cooper Email:
Mr. Matthew Edwards Email:
Mr. Shane Halloran Email:
Mr. Jack Hindmarch Email:
Mr. Jonathan Law Email:
Mr. Peter Michalak Email:
Mr. Saleh Mohamed Email:
Mr. Mario Parreno Email:
Mr. James Allen Email:
Mr. Michael Dunne-Willows Email:
Mr. Darren Fletcher Email:
Ms. Hollie Johnson Email:
Ms. Ashleigh Mclean Email:
Ms. Hayley Moore Email:
Ms. Lauren Roberts Email:
Ms. Naomi Hannaford Email:
Mr. Alex Brown Email:
Ms. Priyaa Thavasimani Email:
Mr. Mohammed Alotaibi Email:
Mr. Osama Alrajeh Email:
Mr. Yulong Gu Email:
Mr. Ali Abdullah Y Alssaiari Email:
Mr. Adam Cattermole Email:
Ms. Sheryl Coe Email:
Ms. Kathryn Garside Email:
Mr. Alexander Kell Email:
Mr. Isaac Matthews Email:
Mr. Pedro Pinto da Silva Email:
Mr. Thomas Ryder Email:
Mr. Georgios Stamatiadis Email:
Mr. Junyang Wang Email:
Mr. Jedsada Phengsuwan Email:
Mr. Devki Jha Email:
Mr. Ayman Noor Email:
Mr. Yinhao Li Email:
Mr. Khaled Alwasel Email:
Mrs. Shaimaa Bajoudah Email:

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