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Dr Maciej Machulak recognised as a leading innovator in Poland

Dr Maciej Machulak was recognised as a leading young innovator by the MIT Technology Review Innovators Under 35 community at an awards ceremony in Warsaw on June 23rd. Maciej was one of 10 innovators who received awards. Dr Machulak's award was in recognition of his crucial role in the development of the User-Managed Access (UMA) technology as well as the UMA software. Dr Machulak began working on this idea in 2008 as part of his doctorate studies in the School of Computing Science. His project was supervised by Professor Aad van Moorsel. Dr Machulak then founded Cloud Identity to develop and commercialise authorisation management software based on the UMA protocol. In March, 2015, Cloud Identity was acquired by the Belgian company Synergetics where Dr Machulak became the Chief Identity Architect.

published on: 4th August 2015

J-PAKE built into Google Nest thermostats

The J-PAKE key exchange protocol, designed by Dr. Feng Hao and Prof. Peter Ryan in 2008, has been built into the Nest thermostat products (Nest was bought by Google in 2014 for US$3.2 billion). A technical white paper that describes the implementation has recently gone public. Dr Hao is currently a Reader in Security Engineering in the School of Computing Science. Prof Ryan had been a Professor in our school until 2009 when he took up a position as full Professor of Applied Security at the University of Luxembourg.

published on: 28th July 2015

New Digital Civics Research Centre Announced

A £12m research centre has been announced that will explore the potential of digital technologies in shaping the future of local government services in planning, health, social care and education. The new Digital Civics Research Centre, led by Newcastle University, is seeking to develop new forms of community-driven digital platforms that will allow local residents to both commission new services and play more active roles in the delivery of services that are better tailored to their needs. Led by Professor Patrick Olivier, of Computing Science's Open Lab, the new Centre brings together 26 academics and 30 post-doctoral researchers from Newcastle, Lincoln and Northumbria universities. The team will work in partnership with the three local authorities – Newcastle City Council, Gateshead Council and Northumberland Council – as well as a number of key organisations and businesses including the BBC, Microsoft, ARUP and Orange Labs.

published on: 13th July 2015

Newcastle University co-authors Internet Standards

Dr. Maciej Machulak from Newcastle University is one of the co-authors of two new RFC documents (Internet standards); both have been formally submitted to IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force).; Maciej Machulak worked on the proposals while being a researcher in the research group of Prof. Aad van Moorsel.

published on: 10th July 2015

Prof. Cliff Jones Awarded First Fellowship of FME

Prof. Cliff Jones, FREng, of the School Computing Science, has been honoured with the Fellowship of Formal Methods Europe, the international association of researchers and practitioners in rigorous techniques of software and computer systems engineering. The new FME Fellowships are awarded every three years in recognition of technical breakthroughs and pioneering work in advancing, applying, and promoting mathematically rigorous methods for the design of computing systems.

published on: 3rd July 2015

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