Synthesis of Elementary Net Systems with Context Arcs and Localities (2008)

Author(s): Koutny M, Pietkiewicz-Koutny M

    Abstract: We investigate the synthesis problem for ENCL-systems, defined as Elementary Net Systems extended with context (inhibitor and activator) arcs and explicit event localities. Since co-located events are meant to be executed synchronously, the behaviour of such systems is captured by step transition systems, where arcs are labelled by sets of events rather than by single events. We completely characterise transition systems generated by ENCL-systems after extending the standard notion of a region - defined as a certain set of states - with explicit information about events which, in particular, are responsible for crossing its border. As a result, we are able to construct, for each such transition system, a suitable ENCL-system generating it.

      • Date: 18-12-2008
      • Journal: Fundamenta Informaticae
      • Volume: 88
      • Issue: 3
      • Pages: 307-328
      • Publisher: IOS Press
      • Publication type: Article
      • Bibliographic status: Published

      Keywords: theory of concurrency - Petri nets - elementary net systems - localities - net synthesis - step sequence semantics - structure and behaviour of nets - theory of regions - transition systems - inhibitor arcs - activator arcs - context arcs


      Dr Marta Koutny
      Senior Lecturer

      Professor Maciej Koutny
      CS Director of Research