On State Synchronization of Business Conversations (2006)

Author(s): Molina-Jimenez C, Shrivastava SK, Woodman SJ

    Abstract: The paper assumes that business interactions between trading partners are composed of well defined conversations (tasks), such as issue a purchase order, process payment, refund money, cancel purchase order, etc. Using RosettaNet Partner Interface Processes (PIPs) as an example of these conversations, the paper discusses a method that guarantees that trading partners have a mutually consistent view of the state of business interactions despite encountering software and hardware related problems (e.g., clock skews, unpredictable transmission delays, message loss etc.). The paper develops centralized as well as distributed execution models and outlines the middleware functionality required for maintaining consistency.

    Notes: In proceedings of Joint Conference CEC2006, EEE 2006, WMCS 2006 and Joint Workshop BSN 2006, SoS4CO 2006

      • Date: 26-29 June 2006
      • Conference Name: 8th IEEE International Conference on E-Commerce and Technology (CEC)
      • Pages: 324-327
      • Publisher: IEEE Computer Society
      • Publication type: Conference Proceedings (inc. abstract)
      • Bibliographic status: Published

        Keywords: state synchronization, state consistency, business conversations, business processes, RosettaNet,


        Emeritus Professor Santosh Shrivastava
        Senior Research Investigator

        Dr Simon Woodman
        Senior Research Associate