Reliable Computing in a UNIX United Environment (1985)

Author(s): Bennett KH, Marshall LF, Randell B

    Abstract: The Newcastle Connection is the name of a software subsystem which is added to physically connected distinct UNIX+ systems to form a coherent distributed computing environment. In this paper, the main features of the Newcastle Connection and its implementation are summarized. Ways in which this distributed UNIX system may be exploited to offer a more reliable environment than a single stand-alone system are then discussed. The main issue addressed is the potential to increase reliability and availability of the filestore, using replicate copy techniques. The generalisation of this concept to provide n-modular redundancy is then briefly outlined. Finally, a proposal to include primitives to support distributed atomic transactions is discussed. Throughout the paper, emphasis is placed on the adoptj.on of sound structuring principles for design, requiring the recognition and clear separation of issues involved. +UNIX is a trade mark of Bell Laboratories.

      • Series Title: Computing Laboratory Technical Report Series
      • Pages: 16
      • Institution: Computing Laboratory, University of Newcastle upon Tyne
      • Publication type: Report
      • Bibliographic status: Published

      Dr Lindsay Marshall
      Senior Lecturer

      Professor Brian Randell
      Emeritus Professor, and Senior Research Investigator