Security and Databases: A Methodological Approach (1988)

Author(s): Dobson JE

    Abstract: There is a sharp distinction between a software-oriented view of information and a social view. This distinction has particular implications for the design choices involved in the integration of a conceptual model of security with a conceptual model of data. Such integration raises some difficult philosophical problems. A case study is examined to support the argument that reconciliation of security and privacy issues with data modelling issues through gross over-simplifying assumptions is not only a retreat from the problems we have identified, but can be positively damaging and counter-productive A methodological approach is required to analyse problems where values, organisational and social issues, and facts are intertwined. Relevant ideas from philosophy are raided in order to show how such a methodological approach may be structured, and the details of a design schema are outlined.

      • Date: September 1988
      • Series Title: Computing Laboratory Technical Report Series
      • Pages: 28
      • Institution: Computing Laboratory, University of Newcastle upon Tyne
      • Publication type: Report
      • Bibliographic status: Published

      Emeritus Professor John Dobson
      Emeritus Professor