FiberSense – Multi-touch Fibre Optic Sensing on Non-Planar Surfaces (2009)

Author(s): Bartindale T, Jackson D, Olivier P

    Abstract: Multi-touch interfaces based on light and optical fibres offer many advantages over alternative technologies. Existing multi-touch devices either use complex custom electronic sensor arrays, or a camera that must be placed relatively distant from the interface. FiberSense is an easily constructed light-sensing multi-touch interface. Using an array of optical fibres, reflected light is channelled to a camera. As the fibres are flexible the camera is free to be positioned so as to allow fibres to be routed anywhere within the interfaces. The resulting effect is a tangible interface that can be produced in any shape, with a complete surface of optical sensors. We describe our prototype, its novel calibration process, and virtual camera software used to easily take advantage of the device.

      • Date: October 2009
      • Series Title: School of Computing Science Technical Report Series
      • Pages: 7
      • Institution: School of Computing Science, University of Newcastle upon Tyne
      • Publication type: Report
      • Bibliographic status: Published

      Keywords: fibre, optics, interface, non-planar, tangible


      Dr Tom Bartindale
      Senior Research Associate

      Dan Jackson
      Senior Research Associate

      Professor Patrick Olivier
      Professor of Human-Computer Interaction