Preliminary Report on EASICODE (1958)

Author(s): Kelly MJ, Randell B

    Abstract: EASICODE is a translation programme intended for use in most cases where a normal fixed-point D.E.U.C.E. programme could be written. It adopts the convention that all numbers have modulus less than one. When greater accuracy is required, the programmer must resort to other techniques such as floating-point arithmetic (which is used in most Interpretive Schemes.) Experience gained at Whetstone shows that such accuracy is seldom required and so EASICODE Mark I is designed to work in fixed-point. Early tests indicate that an Easicode programme is two or three times slower than a conventional D.E.U.C.E. programme but several times faster than floating-point interpretive schemes. Consequently it will frequently be worth while to use EASICODE in preference to hand-writing a programme in view of the speed of preparation obtained with EASICODE.

      • Date: September 1958
      • Institution: Atomic Power Division, English Electric Co.
      • Publication type: Report
      • Bibliographic status: Published

        Keywords: Easicode compiler DEUCE


        Professor Brian Randell
        Emeritus Professor, and Senior Research Investigator