A Formal Model-based Approach to Engineering Systems-of-Systems (2012)

Author(s): Fitzgerald J, Bryans J, Payne R

    Abstract: Systems-of-systems (SoS) are network-enabled synergistic collaborations between systems that are operationally and managerially independent, distributed, evolve dynamically and exhibit emergence. The design of dependable SoS requires model-based approaches that permit description of contracts between constituent systems at interfaces in a SoS architecture, including functionality and interaction behaviour, and that permit verification of global behaviours. We describe an approach to formal model-based SoS engineering using complementary notations for functional, interaction and architectural aspects. A case study in modelling information flow in an emergency response SoS demonstrates the viability of the proposed approach and highlights a need for common semantic foundations.

      • Date: June 2012
      • Series Title: School of Computing Science Technical Report Series
      • Pages: 14
      • Institution: School of Computing Science, University of Newcastle upon Tyne
      • Publication type: Report
      • Bibliographic status: Published

      Keywords: Systems-of-systems, Information flow, SysML, CSP, VDM, Analysis, Verification.


      Professor John Fitzgerald
      Director of the Centre for Software Reliability

      Dr Richard Payne
      Research Associate