ICU: A tool for Identifying State Coding Conflicts using STG unfoldings (2002)

Author(s): Madalinski A, Bystrov A, Yakovlev A

    Abstract: State coding conflict detection is a fundamental part of the synthesis of asynchronous concurrent systems from their Signal Transition Graph (STG) specifications. This paper presents the extension of the method proposed earlier, the identification of state coding conflicts in STGs which is intended to work within a synthesis framework based on STG unfoldings. This approach has been implemented as a software tool using refined algorithms. A necessary condition detects state coding conflicts by using an approximate state covering approach. Being computationally efficient, this algorithm may generate false alarms. Thus a refinement technique is applied based on partial construction of the state space with extra computational cost. The experimental results demonstrating the efficiency of this approach are presented.

      • Date: 01-12-2002
      • Institution: School of Computing Science
      • Publication type: Report
      • Bibliographic status: Published

      Keywords: state coding conflict detection, STG unfoldings, asynchronous systems


      Professor Alex Yakovlev
      Professor of Computer System Design