A Unified Self-Systolic Torus for Ricatti Equation Solution (1989)

Author(s): Megson, G.M.

Abstact: A soft-Systolic, orthogonally connected, toroidal processor geometry for solving the continuous time Riccati (and Lyapunov) equation using the eigenvector approach is described. The initial network requires (n + 1) processors for a 2n*2n Hamiltonian matrix and is reduced to a triangular networkof 0 ((n/2) (n+1)) processors which can be laid out in the plane, by use of data folding and process time-sharing. The design required 0(Sn2 + 6 n) steps to compute the solution matrix where S is the numerous os sweeps required for convergence of Jacobi's method for eigen-decomposition.