School of Computing


Course: BSc Computer Science

Choosing Newcastle

The atmosphere, the friendly and approachable staff. Also the modules (game engineering) were the type of study I looked for in order to achieve my goals.

About your course

Some of the lecturers are amazing, all of them are approachable with questions. The coursework is challenging, which makes this my favourite feature of the course. I have enjoyed the mathematical side of computer science and logical problem solving aspects. This meant that I enjoyed the mathematics and algorithms the most.

Newcastle School of Computing Science is incredibly supportive. Staff who are passionate about their fields (ie games, bio-computing or security). They value your growth and always welcome new ideas. If you are someone with big ideas and ambition within Computer Science, this is the best place to help you achieve them.


I currently live in Fenham. My first year accommodation was well known for its social and community aspects (the whole block knew each other) so you feel at home.


Don’t spend too much just because you have enough money. Always keep money saved up so you can have something to fall back on.

Student Societies

The Students Union website has many activities listed. If you are like me, you will be too busy doing everything to get bored. The sports clubs are incredibly welcoming even for people who have little previous experience. Being on a society’s committee has taught me tonnes about event planning and working with others.

Career Aspirations

Starting my own games studio with friends. Using the skills and interpersonal relations I have built up in my years at Newcastle as well as the advice given to me by the staff of Computing Science. If you show enthusiasm towards a goal they will give you double the amount in care and support.