School of Computing


Course: Computer Science with Industrial Placement

Choosing Newcastle

I did a bit of research before coming to the UK and found out the universities that have a good reputation especially in Computer Science. What was most important was that they develop practical skills instead of just teaching plain theory.

Newcastle was the university that I could actually apply to considering my skills and at the same time knowing that I will have to face some challenges that will help to develop me personally.

About your course

I would say that my favourite module in first year was Computer Architecture. I did not really have any background in this field before and it was extremely challenging for me, but probably that is why it was so enjoyable. Everything that I learned was really valuable.

Talking about my course in general, I would like to say that I like the approach to the way that students are taught. While trying to provide you with the information from the basics at the lectures, the academic staff expect you to do background learning. This means that they trust us and respect us as an adults to let us make our own decisions.

I am really happy with the teaching quality. Lecturers try to keep as us as interested as possible and you can see that they really care about the way they teach. Academic staff care if we actually understand something or if we need any help.

Recommending Newcastle

I would say that this course is a really great choice for someone with almost no computer science related knowledge as well as for someone who has a great knowledge. It would suit anyone that would be actually ready to learn. And it also includes a lot practical work, as it is pretty important in IT sector. You gain valuable experience during the lectures, practicals and tutorials.

Living in Newcastle

I love Newcastle just because it is such a beautiful city which offers so many great opportunities for everyone! I would say that this is the best place for someone who wants to get as much as possible from student life, while getting involved in academic or social life, getting a part-time job or volunteering - you will have a chance to do all of this and more!

Clubs and societies

The variety of societies in this University is just unbelievable. You can choose anything, from baking to boxing. If you don’t find any societies that suit your needs or interests you can always create one!

Last year I was a member of Lithuanian, Baking and Salsa societies. In the baking society we met and baked together, as well as bringing some bakes to share or organising bake sales to raise money for charity.

We also had a cupcake decorating class, where we decorated cupcakes using professional tools and getting advice from teachers.

This year, I am vice-president of the Salsa society, as I enjoyed salsa last year and found it a great idea to get involved in the running of the society.


I never lived in student halls, as from the very first year I stayed in private accommodation, which I found on the University's website.

At the moment I am living in a private rented accommodation too. I found it using an agency. It was not that difficult, despite the fact that I was looking for it pretty late, in mid August. Students usually have their accommodation sorted out earlier, which is actually better.

Student finance

Well I would say not to exchange currency if you are from abroad, eg pounds to your local currency, as it made me think that everything is very expensive. Only after some time I realised that everyone's quality of life is way different than in my country.

Also, I would suggest to find a part-time job. That is a great way to earn some money and also to gain valuable skills to add to your CV.

If you ever have any problems with any of these you can always pop into the King's Gate Building to ask for advice or for some financial help. You can go to the meeting which is held every week, where you can get suggestions on how to keep to your budget and so on.

Career aspirations

I am not sure what I would like to do in the future yet. Maybe I'll open my own company or work in industry. In both cases Newcastle offers a lot of support.

If you would consider opening your own company you can always ask for advice. The University might support your start-up financially and by giving you professional advice.

If you would prefer working in industry, there are job fairs at least a few times per year. You can meet employers, get their contact details or even a job!

Furthermore, as in my case, this year we are doing an app for Lloyds Banking group. If we will succeed, we will get a client who will buy our product - this is a great way to start your career after graduation!

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