School of Computing


Course: Computer Science

Choosing Newcastle

I chose to study at Newcastle because of the vibrant city and location of campus. There’s always something going on, and with the University in the centre of town, it’s ideal to get to.

The course opportunities are very good, giving you a wide range of knowledge from various topics. The University’s research in the field is done by the academic staff, so that really appealed to me – to be taught by people on the leading edge of the subject.

About your course

I really enjoy the opportunities I get to meet people working in industry who come in to give guest lectures about what they do. It gives a good insight into the computing science world, and allows us to see what opportunities are available to us upon graduation.

My favourite module so far has been CSC3422 Website Construction and Management (Server-side). This module shows us how to set up our own individual Linux server, and how to manage and maintain it.

The quality of teaching on this course is excellent. It is done by the leading people in the field, so they are at the cutting edge of research, so what is discovered by them is passed directly on to us. Each lecturer has their own unique and engaging style of teaching, and adapt their topics to the most useful way for us.

Recommending Newcastle

I would say this is a course for someone who is interested in computing science, but has little in the way of previous experience. Everything is taught from the basic level in order to gently introduce you to the subject.

Equally, for those who have plenty of experience in computing science, there is room to expand your knowledge and vastly build on it. The facilities here are second to none, with some of the world’s best and newest equipment coming directly to us before anybody else.

Living in Newcastle

The city is just amazing, it’s always alive with people, markets and street performers – no matter what time of day or night. Newcastle is a really cheap city to live in too, which really helps for budget planning.

The Students’ Union is a fantastic place to meet, with the city centre within only a few minutes’ walk.

Clubs and societies

There is a massive opportunity for clubs and societies also. I am a member of the Canoe Club, and on the committee as Treasurer for the Canoe Polo Club.

We go away on trips all over the country every other weekend, and compete at BUCS events annually, often coming in the top three. Whatever activity you are interested in, there will be a society for you – and if not, you can start your own!


This year, I live in Jesmond. When leaving accommodation in your first year it is really easy to find a house. Jesmond is the ideal place to be if you want to be close to the University, and still live in a student dominated area. There is a fantastic atmosphere here, with all the students coming together to form a community.

Just don’t rush into finding accommodation. A lot of agents will push you in to it, don’t feel pressured. Make sure you are happy with the people you’re going to live with, and that you’re not going to change your mind!

Student finance

Grainger market is really good for fresh food. It’s cheap, and you get really good value for money. The temptation is to go out and spend all your money on a night out, but you need to spend sensibly.

Keep a track of your money, and don’t forget there are always bills to pay at the end of every month in your own accommodation too.

Career aspirations

After University, I plan to join the Royal Navy as a Weapons Engineering Officer. Studying Computing Science at Newcastle has taught me how to keep a rational head under pressure, and how to work the best I can.

Through the team project module, I am now able to work effectively in a group of people, as well as manage and motivate them. It has shaped me into the person I am now, and will continue to do so until I leave.

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