School of Computing


Course: Computer Science with Industrial Placement

Choosing Newcastle

Ever since I was in High School, I wanted to study abroad and travel the world. That’s why when I was applying for colleges, I chose to apply to colleges in the UK. When I was researching about all the colleges as I was applying, I found out that the students here in Newcastle (mainly International Students) got more ‘satisfied’ and ‘at home’ feeling than the students studying at the other universities.


I am living in a private accommodation right now. It was really easy to sort out the accommodation as the agent responsible for the property has an office on the university campus. Even though living in a private accommodation was fun, I felt that I should’ve taken the university accommodation for the first year. So you should try and take up the accommodation in university halls for the first year as it’s really enjoyable living in university accommodation. You’ll make new friends, have fun with them, and you’ll get a chance to party and enjoy with them even outside of college.

Living in Newcastle

Newcastle has many features it is hard to choose. Firstly, it’s really cheap, which is a big plus point because as students we get a limited amount of money and it’s a real plus point if we get to live in a place which is cost effective.

Secondly, I love it when I get to do things outside of my university and studies and stuff. Thankfully, there is a great Students’ Union which takes care of that for me as it has so many activities and other stuff going on at every point of time that I have so much to do even outside of my studies.

And on top of that, there are so many tourist spots inside and outside of Newcastle - including beaches - that one can never get bored of living here.

I would suggest students from India come here without having any second thoughts so that they can experience the amazing student life that Newcastle can offer them on their own. I was a bit sceptical when I was coming to Newcastle for the first time but then, since reaching, there has hardly been a day when I’ve longed for my home. I used to get homesick as soon as I used to leave my hometown (Jaipur) back in India, but Newcastle has been sort of a second home for me since the first day that I arrived here, as I love living here. And it’s not just me, every Indian living here feels the same way (I have loads of Indian friends over here too, as a student coming from India would have if he/she comes here!!!)

Student Societies

There are so many clubs to choose from. I enjoy the clubs I am involved in. I joined many and they have helped me develop as a person.

Remembering Newcastle

For starters, I am a Computing Science Ambassador, which means I get to work on Admissions’ Days, Open Days and sometimes I even get to go to schools for workshops, which are quite amazing. I get to experience the School of Computing Science at my university from inside out and this has been the main highlight of my life here at Newcastle until now, getting to be the Computer Science Ambassador.

Cost of Living

One thing that I like the most about Newcastle is that it’s comparatively cheaper (A LOT CHEAPER) than the other cities in the UK. You can get an amazing 2-bedroom house here for £500 per month whereas in London, you’ll get a property to live in for £700-800. I can survive in Newcastle with just £400 for a whole month!!

My parents are funding me and provide assistance to me with the tuition fees as well as the living costs. I also worked part time for a few months during the first semester just to support myself.