Event Follow-up

In order to make your event as successful as possible, it is important that your interaction with your speakers and delegates does not end when the event does.

Planning of your follow-up should be done before the event. The materials you plan to send out will to some extent dictate what you do or do not give out at the event.

If you are also planning to produce outputs from the event, these can be linked in to your follow-up campaign, particularly if you plan to charge for copies.

Speakers and Chairs

  • Send a personal communication.
  • Thank them for their involvement.
  • Keep in mind that you may want to invite them to future events.
  • Consider using the event as a springboard for collaborative projects involving them.


  • Personalise your communication to each delegate.
  • Make it relevant to the event.
  • Keep it in proportion to the scale of the event
  • Don't bombarding participants with mail-outs.
  • Following up can make future events more successful
  • Building a relationship may lead to new research ventures.

One way of following-up on an event is to send one mailshot out to participants which includes a useful item related to the event. This mailshot can then also invite participants to get involved in future events or to join a mailing list.

To help you plan an even more successful event next time, take the time to write a post-event report.