Inviting Speakers

It is important that you are clear from the outset what you expect from your speakers and what will be provided to them in terms of travel, accommodation and other facilities. It is important that you also advise your speakers not to make travel or accommodation arrangements until the event is confirmed. This is particularly important for speakers who are expected to pay their own expenses.

The two most commonly-used methods for arranging speakers is by invitation or by putting out a public call for papers.


If using invited speakers, make sure that:

  • they are expert enough in their subject to meet your delegates expectations
  • their expertise is current
  • they are accomplished as speakers

Call for Papers

If you do not have potential speakers in mind, consider putting out a call. You will need to do this well in advance. You will also need to set aside time to consider the papers submitted to you.

Selecting speakers via this route means that although their level of expertise should be easy to determine they will be untested as speakers. They may not have the presentation skills or charisma that you would wish.

Once your speakers are confirmed ask them to submit their presentations to you in advance of the event and to release them to you. This will allow you to ensure they meet accessibility criteria.