Financial Obligations

Financial Obligations

To be eligible to attend a ceremony and to receive a parchment, your tuition fees must have been paid in full.

All students are encouraged to ensure that all of their financial obligations to the University are cleared as soon as possible.


Debt to the University must be reduced to under £100 in order for a student to attend a Congregation ceremony, and the debt must be cleared completely in order for a student to receive their parchment.


If you owe money in tuition fees to Newcastle University and you are registered to the July 2018 Congregations, we will email you in good time, to remind you to clear the debt.

Helpful contacts

If you have not received an email from us, and you wish to check whether you have debts, please get in touch with the Finance Office using the contact details below:

Tuition Fees Team
Telephone: 0191 208 5520

Debts can be paid online.

For information about how graduation can affect your finances, please visit the Student Wellbeing Service website.