Issuing Parchments

Your Parchment

Parchment is the word which the University uses to mean your certificate. Your parchment is an official document which proves you have a Newcastle University qualification.

Each parchment is unique. All parchments contain parchment security features (PDF: 135KB) to prevent fraudulent use. Although the University’s trading name is Newcastle University, the name University of Newcastle upon Tyne is still used on degree parchments.

If your qualification is a modular one, you'll get a HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Report) with your parchment. Most undergraduate and postgraduate taught programmes are modular, except the MBBS and the BDS.

In common with many other universities, we don't give degree parchments out during the graduation ceremony. When you get your parchment depends on the month your final results are awarded.

Parchment cover

Final results awarded in January, February, March, April, July, August, September, December

We’ll produce your parchment 1-6 weeks after your results have been awarded. We’ll email you when your parchment is ready. We’ll give you several ways of receiving it.

Final results awarded in May, June, October, November

We’ll produce your parchment in time for the Congregations

Final Results AwardedCollection Time
May - June Collect during July Congregations
October - November Collect during December Congregations

There are four ways to receive your parchment:

  • Standard delivery to home address on S3P
    Parchments not collected or sent by DHL will be posted when the congregations are over. Parchments sent by Royal Mail are not trackable or guaranteed. They may take up to 6 weeks to reach you.

Appearance of names on parchments

Your name will appear on your parchment exactly as it appears in the University records. We print your surname in capital letters.

Check S3P to ensure your name matches your birth certificate/passport.


  • spelling
  • word order 
  • all legal names including middle names
  • that there are no initials. They will be omitted unless the initial appears on your passport or birth certificate

If anything is incorrect, take your passport or birth certificate to your School Office/King's Gate.

What to do if you haven't received your parchment

  • Up to 6 weeks after you've completed your award
    Sit tight – it could take this long to reach you.