Christopher Ritson

Emeritus Professor of Agricultural Marketing

BA (Hons) Economics (Nottingham)
MAgrSc Agricultural Economics (Reading)

Centre for Rural Economy
School of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development
Newcastle University

Room 3.15

+44 (0)191 222 6909



I joined Newcastle University in 1979 as Professor of Agricultural Marketing and Head of the Department of Agricultural and Food Marketing. I was Head of the Department of Agricultural Economics and Food Marketing from 1987-1992; and Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture and Biological Sciences from 1992-2002.

I served for nine years on the MAFF National Food Survey Committee and followed this with eight years as the economist on the joint MAFF/DH Food Advisory Committee. I was a founder member of the Food Standards Agency Research Advisory Committee and its Economics Advisory Panel; and I am currently a member of the Agency’s Advisory Committee on Novel Foods and Processes, with a remit to cover consumer and ethical issues. From 2000-2008 I was deputy Chairman of the Home Grown Cereals Authority. I was Chairman of the Agriculture Sub-Panel for the 2001 Research Assessment Exercise.

I formerly retired from the University in 2010, but remain academically active and continue teaching in food economics and marketing, mainly at the postgraduate level. I have recently become interested in Food Ethics. I am editing a book on the subject for Wiley-Blackwell and I am a Trustee Director of the Food Ethics Council.



My research interests are:

Economic and marketing aspects of food choice
Consumer attitudes to food safety
Food and agricultural policy analysis
Food Ethics


Selected Project

Quality Low Input Foods (2003-2008). A Pan-European Framework VI funded project exploring the safety and quality aspects of low input and organic food systems. The project studies the whole food chain from production through to distribution, consumption and marketing. I led the consumer centred part of the work managed from CRE which linked the work of Universities and research centres in seven countries.


Selected Publications

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