EconWelfare: Good animal welfare in a socio-economic context

The project has been prepared in response to the call KBBE-2007-1-4-15 Assessing the socio-economic consequences and costs benefits of measures promoting good animal welfare. Central in this call is support to develop European policies implementing the Action Plan on Animal Welfare. Overall objective of the project is related to the policy instruments needed to achieve the aims of the Action Plan on Animal Welfare. Moreover this project should reveal what policy instruments might be effective in the route towards higher animal welfare representing the concerns of civil society and in which competitiveness of the livestock industry is guaranteed.

Project funder: EU FP7

Staff involved: Carmen Hubbard and Guy Garrod (CRE). Collaboration with Jonathan Guy, Sandra Edwards, Philip Cain, David Harvey and Kamara Scott (AFRD)

Project duration: 3 years (August 2008 -August 2010)