Food Systems, Consumption and Marketing

Consumer Studies in Food, Risk and Health:  Newcastle has a strong tradition of research in agricultural / food marketing, including perceptions of risk and their influence upon consumer behaviour, and changing consumer patterns around organic food and other novel products.  CRE’s marketing and consumer studies specialists have undertaken studies in this area for the Food Standards Agency (FSA), Department of Trade and Industry, Safefood, the EU Framework Programmes and ESRC. 

Food Supply Chains and Territorial Development: Work on food chain localisation has examined the scope for the development of more locally / regionally embedded food chains.  Work has concentrated on the increasing significance of local and regional identity in food supply chains, including participation in two EU Concerted Action Programmes.
The International Political Economy of Food and Agriculture: Recent work has investigated the dynamics of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform process and the greening of the CAP.  Work on modulation of direct payments paved the way for the commitment of the UK Government to the so-called ‘second pillar’ of the CAP which promotes agri-environment and farm diversification schemes as an essential counterpart to efforts to rationalise and contain farm subsidies. 

Future work is planned in these areas, plus new work on Animal Welfare and its Implications for Consumers, Producers and International Trade.


Current projects include:


Current PhD research projects include:

  • Attitudes and Perceptions of Wine Consumers in the United Kingdom with Special Reference to Wine from Greece (Eleftherios Alamanos)

  • Not just a load of old stones: People's Experiences of Hadrian's Wall (Victoria Bell)

  • Community supported agriculture in North East England (Liz Charles)

  • Young Adults and Healthy Lifestyles: Food, Alcohol, and Exercise - A Total Lifestyle Approach (Emma Louise Giles)

  • Setting Science-Based International Food Standards Under The World Trade System (Richard Lee)

  • 5Aday: an investigation into the factors, influences and triggers surrounding the achievement of the daily recommended intake of fruit and vegetable consumption (Nichol Watson)


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