The Centre for Software Reliability

Image of robotsNewcastle University's Centre for Software Reliability (CSR) develops the science and engineering needed to make more computer-based systems more dependable. We carry out research and technology transfer with scientists, industry and government, focusing on ways to avoid, detect, tolerate and eliminate threats to systems. Our research is no longer restricted to software, but takes a system-wide view of dependability, including the roles played by infrastructure, people, and the operating environment. Increasingly, our work crosses boundaries with a wide range of other disciplines, including engineering, manufacturing, and sociology.

Cherry Blossom Tree in Claremont QuadrangleOur current projects are developing methods and tools to ensure the trustworthiness of some of the most demanding types of computer system. These include:

  • Ambient systems, such as wireless sensor and control networks, composed of many interacting computing elements that may be mobile.
  • Cyber-physical systems, such as networked embedded controllers in which computing elements interact very closely with devices in the physical environment.
  • Systems-of-Systems, which are collaborations among independent pre-existing systems that may not have been designed with cooperation in mind.

Image of robotsA theme in our work is the use of formal methods and tools for system modelling, verification, design and simulation. CSR is an internationally leading centre for formal methods, particularly on model-based techniques, refinement and verification technology. We have unique experience in successfully deploying formal methods and tools in industrial practice.

It is linked to the Digital Institute and the work of the Secure & Resilient Systems group in the School of Computing Science at Newcastle University.

We have an established programme of technology transfer events, about ten each year, and an annual 3-day symposium. There are also regular colloquia and seminars on dependability topics in the School of Computing Science. For further information see our events page.

We run the UK's Safety-Critical Systems club which raise awareness and facilitates knowledge transfer systems among practitioners, regulators and researchers in system safety. The SCSC always welcomes new members.

CSR operates as a designated University Research Centre in the School of Computing Science at Newcastle University. Its Director is Prof. Tom Anderson, and Associate Director is Prof. John Fitzgerald. The Centre’s Coordinator is Mrs Joan Atkinson.