Dr Brigitta Zics
Programme Director of Creative Arts Practice (Digital Media)


Brigitta Zics is an artist and researcher currently based in Culture Lab, Newcastle University, UK. Her main interest is the artistic and philosophical investigation of human experience in technologically enhanced environments and interfaces. Her recent research subjects include experimental data visualisation,  bio-signal interaction & affective environments, application of swarm theory, and aesthetic ecologies that facilitate immersive experiences. Her artistic work and research have been broadly exhibited and published in journals such as Leonardo (MIT), Journal of Visual Art Practice (Intellect),  in books such as New Realities: Being Syncretic book (Springer) and festivals such as Siggraph. Other affiliations include Visiting Fellow at Transtechnology Research, panel member of the Leonardo Reviews, founding member of the International Network for Trans-disciplinary Research (INTR) and Research Advisor in the Doctoral School at the Hungarian University of Fine Art.

Roles and Responsibilities

Programme Director of Creative Arts Practice course, NICAP, Culture Lab. Module leading and teaching on core modules. Design, development and delivery of a range of programmes of study at various levels, including entirely new courses. 

Lecturer in Digital Media at Culture Lab, supervising PhD students, facilitating DM research seminars, collaborative projects and exhibitions.

Digital Media at Culture Lab

• To contribute to the development of the subject area, making suggestions for revision or improvement and taking responsibility for innovative design and delivery of modules and assessment methods to an appropriate standard.

• To contribute to the research activities of the School on either an individual or collaborative basis keeping alongside developments in the subject area.

•Undertake activity to identify sources of funding for such activities and collaborate with others to secure funding.

•To develop and participate in internal and external networks for the purpose of undertaking collaborative work, generating consultancy/income generating activities or any other activity enhancing the reputation and profile of the School.


2008 PhD, University of Wales
2004 MFA in Media Design, Academy of Media Arts, Cologne
2001 MA in Media Art, Hungarian University of Fine Art, Budapest


2012 Reviewer for Leonardo Journals (MIT) www.leonardo.info/ldr.php

2010 Fellow of HEA
2009 Panel Member of the Leonardo Reviews 
2004 Member of National Union of Hungarian Creators

Honours and Awards

2009 One of the Winners of Leonardo Almanac LABS 2009, Best Thesis Abstract: Zics, B., 2008. Transparency, Cognition and Interactivity: Toward a New Aesthetic for Media Art. PhD Thesis. Newport: University of Wales.
2006 Nomination of the Digital Sparks Award 2006, Netspannung.org,
Fraunhofer Institute for Media Communication Germany
2005 Selected for European Best Multedmedia Artist, Award Winning Project (Cross Media), EUROPRIX Top Talent 2005, ICNM, Salzburg, Austria
2004 Nomination of the Internatonal\Media\Art\Award, ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany
2002-04 DAAD, German Academic Exchange Service, Germany
2002-04 Hungarian State Eötvös Fellowship, Hungarian Scholarship Board
Research Fellowship, Budapest, Hungary
2001 Degree Award, Best Work of the Degree Show, National Union of Hungarian Creators, Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest
2000 Erasmus Scholarship, Academy of Darmstadt, Germany
2000 Ludwig Award and Scholarship, Budapest-Cologne
1997 Glatz Oszkar Award, Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest


Hungarian (native)
German (fluent)

Research Interests

Her main interest concerns the philosophical investigation of human experience in technologically enhanced environments. Her recent research subjects include experimental data visualisation, bio-signal interaction & affective games, application of swarm theory, and environments that facilitate immersive experiences.

Current Work

Her recent interactive art work, the Mind Cupola, facilitates an affective environment that guides the participant toward an optimal state of experience. Applying eye-tracking and an affective visualisation, the work subjects its participants to instinct and intentional decision making whilst constantly re-evaluating his/her cognitive profile. The art work applies the philosophical concept of the cognitive feedback loop which although based on technological feedback, goes beyond this suggesting that simple, repeated actions between human and computer produces a complexity in the participant's cognitive engagement. The feedback loop interconnects "instant affection technologies" that are affecting the user (audiovisual effect, mechanical effect: hot or cold stream etc.) and applications of affective computing that is monitoring the user (eye and head gaze tracking).

Another recent work is a data visualisation public artwork produced in collaboration with Tom Schofield displayed on the King’s Gate Projection, Newcastle University (displayed: 5 Dec 2010 – 31 Jan 2011, 4pm to 10pm). traceNorth is a unique digital artwork using organic, constantly changing shapes to represent the traffic flow in Newcastle city centre. More info: culturelab.ncl.ac.uk/traceNorth/

Research Roles

She is Visiting Fellow at Transtechnology Research at the University of Plymouth where she is working on post-doctoral methodologies and supervising research students. She is panel member for the Leonardo Reviews, founding member of the International Network for Trans-disciplinary (post-doctoral) Research (INTR) and Research Advisor in the Doctoral School at the Hungarian University of Fine Art.
More info: trans-techresearch.net/researchers/brigitta-zics

Postgraduate Supervision

Supervising MRes Digital Media students
Supervising PhD students:
2008-2011(Completion) Hannah Drayson, Gestalt Biometrics and their Applications; Instrumentation, Objectivity and Poetics, Transtechnology Research, University of Plymouth
From 2011 Léon McCarthy, Investigating the means for control of meaning in multimedia performance, Nothumbria University, Newcastle

External Examination

PhD, Brunel University, School of Arts, London 

Internal Examination 

MRes Digital Media, Newcastle University