'Bondage an interactive sound-image work'. Exhibited as one artwork in the international tour of exhibition ‘What Sound Does a Colour Make', curated by Kathleen Ford (2007)

Artist(s): Tanaka A

    • Media of Output: Interactive sound/image installation work
    • Opening Date / Closing Date: 4 November-31 December 2005; 2 February-18 March 2006; 20 May-16 July 2006; 14 September-11 November 2006; 4 March-13 April 2007
    • Number of Pieces: Installation occupying the gallery space
    • Venue: Venue Wood Street Galleries; Center for Art and Visual Culture; Govett-Brewster Art Gallery; Metroplitan State College for Visual Art; University of Hawaii Art Gallery
    • Publication type: Exhibition
    • Bibliographic status: Published