EConnecting Communities Guideuropean Commission's Directorate General for Regional Policy recently commissioned Professor John Goddard and Louise Kempton of CURDS to write a guide to help the Managing Authorities of ERDF Operational Programmes to improve the contribution of universities to regional development, with a view to strengthening the economic, social and territorial cohesion, in a sustainable way. 

The document Connecting Universities to Regional Growth has been designed to enable public authorities to promote the active engagement of universities and other higher education institutions in regional innovation strategies for smart specialisation, in cooperation with research centres, businesses and other partners in the civil society.

It is also aimed at helping academic and economic partners to explore the benefits they can expect from working together for regional development. It is anticipated that this Guide will be one of the resources in the European Commission’s ‘Smart Specialisation Strategies’ (or ‘S3’) Platform, the establishment which was announced in the communication Regional policy contributing to smart growth in Europe 2020.   

A copy of the report is available at:

Published: 14th December 2011