Women in Science Round-Table

Venue: Dana Study Room, Science Museum, London

Time/Date: 12th February 2008, 14:00 - 16:00

In the United Kingdom the representation of women in many scientific fields has been slow to change over several decades.  In university science-based employment, women are concentrated in low level positions, even in those fields where their overall representation is relatively high. Outwith academia – generally women who graduate with scientific qualifications are less likely than men to continue into professional scientific employment. If women are not at the ‘bench’ in proportion to their numbers or in traditional scientific decision making roles, where do they go?  Have they left science entirely or, are they participating in science in non-traditional ways such as in the emerging economic and informational areas of science?  

Henry Etzkowitz, Cheryl Conway and Liz Dixon have invited participants from universities, government and scientific professions to explore the policy implications of research emerging from their EU funded Science and Society project on the participation of women in professions at the intersection between science and the economy. Findings from their four country study suggest that the barriers often experienced by women in academia and industry are not present to the same extent in intermediate organisations. The group will also consider how elements of best practice can be distilled to improve the situation of women in other areas of science. 

Published: 11th February 2008