photograph Regional Insights: ‘Recent Evolution of Regional Economic Disparities’ – view presentation here

On 9th December, CURDS and One NorthEast welcomed Professor Ron Martin to the North East to present his latest research on the ‘Recent Evolution of Regional Economic Disparities’ within the UK. Ron Martin

Professor Martin’s presentation examined the changes and continuities in economic disparity across the UK's regions over the past three decades, focusing particularly on the regional impacts of the 'historic long boom' from 1993-2007, and the subsequent crisis and recession since 2008. His analysis argues that the evolution of regional disparities during New Labour's term of office challenge both the Government's interpretation of those disparities and the efficacy of its policies intended to reduce them. Consequently, Professor Martin looked towards a perspective on the regional problem that assigns due importance to the notion of economic resilience (adaptability), and why this seems to differ across the regions.

The event was attended by a 70+ strong audience, drawn from across the region’s policy and academic communities, and stimulated a series of interesting areas for discussion.   

Please click here for Professor Martin’s presentation. 

AudienceRon Martin is Professor of Economic Geography and a Fellow of the Cambridge-MIT Institute. He is also a Research Associate of the Centre for Business Research attached to the Judge Business School. He holds a Professorial Fellowship at St Catharine's College. He will be a Leverhulme Major Research Fellow for 2007-2010. 

Published: 10th December 2009