Assessing the Local Impacts on International Migration

From August 2005 to February 2006
Project Leader(s): Alison Stenning
Staff: Ranald Richardson, Cheryl Conway and Stuart Dawley
Sponsors: Office of the Deputy Prime Minister

Final Report available to download: Assessing the Local Impacts on International Migration

This project focusses on the local and regional economic impacts of recent migration from east central Europe following the accession of 8 countries to the European Union (in 2004). The research will examine key questions about the impact of these migrants on English cities and regions. Is this new flow of migrants more associated with short-term stays rather than long-term settlement? Are these migrants younger and better-qualified people than many previous migrant flows? Can some English cities and regions ‘capture the resource’ which these new migrants can provide to promote enterprise and/or trade links? The project will combine quantitative and qualitative research to set these newer migrant flows in the context of previous migrant flow patterns, and to examine two case study areas in detail.


Dr Stuart Dawley
Senior Lecturer in Economic Geography

Ranald Richardson
Principal Research Associate