Social Inclusion through the Digital Economy (SIDE)

From October 2009 to September 2014
Project Leader(s): Paul Watson (Computing Science)
Staff: Ranald Richardson
Sponsors: EPSRC
Partners: University of Dundee

CURDS researchers are part of team at Newcastle University which will contribute to a new £12m university digital technology centre. Researchers with Microsoft, IBM and Philips to establish a major research centre to bring the benefits of digital technology to more people. Lord Drayson, Minister for Science and Innovation, announced today that Newcastle will be one of three universities that will develop digital technology to transform the lives of the elderly, disabled, and people in rural communities.

Ranald Richardson of CURDS will be Director of Society within the Newcastle Hub and will play a key role in bringing a social science perspective to the team’s work.

Building on plans to provide universal connectivity to broadband in the UK, the new research ‘hubs’ are the biggest investment ever made by the UK's research councils - the Government agencies that fund research - in creating a Digital Britain.

The Newcastle hub will work on projects aimed at creating a socially inclusive digital economy. Newcastle will work with older people to design simple, intuitive interfaces tailored to their needs.


Ranald Richardson
Principal Research Associate