List of Completed PhDs


Abarca R V- Public Higher Education, the Knowledge Economy and Regional Development in Costa Rica"


Zapata G - Migrants, remittances and development: Constructing Colombian migrants as transnational financial subjects
Marques P - Power in territorial innovation systems: a case study of the Portuguese Moulds Industry


Gray P - Bringing IT all back home: social inclusion through advanced technologies in the home
Sawicki S S - British-Polish networks and the new economic geographies of Europe


Tranos E - The geography of the Internet infrastructure in Europe 
Vallance P -  Knowledge in the UK videogames development sector : a practice based approach 
Wang X - Knowledge-based urban development in China 


Almeida A N -  ICT and sustainable development in an outermost region
Padfield R - Water politics and the persistence of uneven development in the Zambian Copperbelt 
Swords J - Public sector led development in the Northumberland Heritage Cluster
Wray F - Money space and relationality : rethinking the venture capital industry in the East Midlands and the North East of England


Talbot H C - Overcoming the digital divide? : the provision of public access computing in community centres 
Welamedage S K L - Developing technological capabilties in small and medium-sized enterprises : an examination of SME policies and the role of support agencies in Sri Lanka
Whitehurst F C - The use and misuse of clusters in economic development policy: a case study of two cluster policy initiatives in the North East of England


O'Brien P E - Regionalisation devolution and the Trades Union Congress TUC 
Potter C J - Transnational corporations in international political economy 
Storey M R - Innovations in offshore supply chain relationships 


Bell L E - Economic growth policies in the knowledge-driven economy : the cases of West Cumbria Gwynedd and the Highlands and Islands
Dixon E - The role of business associations in regional governance : the case of the Engineering Employers' Federation Northern Association


Dawley S J - Rounds of investment and peripheral region development : the case of the semiconductor fabrication industry in the north east region of England 1989-2002 
Sokol M - Regional dimensions of the knowledge economy : implications for the "new Europe"
Thomas D -  The Irish social partnership 1987-2000 : an evolving economic and social governance


Hamilton D -  The economics and politics of cross-border development and integration : the case of Ireland 
Vicki B - Women's work and the restructuring in the service economy: the case of telephone call centres
Willis R M - The changing organisation of building societies 


Adams E O -  New media technology : strategic implications for a regional newspaper company  


Wood M H - Organisation for innovation : evidence from the UK electronic components industry 


Wynarczyk P - The economic performance of UK small and medium-sized enterprises SMEs in contrasting regional environments : a theoretical and empirical investigation  
Llewellyn C B - Social movement and double movement : the example of community business 


Kim T - The development of the advanced information services industry : the global-local paradox 
Roberts J - The development of multinational organisational structures within the service sector : the case of the UK business services sector
Symons F S - Information and communications technologies organizational and spatial hierarchies : a Canadian perspective 
Potts G R - Towards the embedded university? 


Ponce Dentinho T L C -  Information and communication technologies and regional development : the case of the Azores dairy value chain 


Chen S-h - Collaboration in industrial research and development : its nature rationale and geography 


Baines S M - Technological innovation and social innovation : women's disadvantage and the "technologisation" of home-based distance learning 
Li F - The "IT revolution" and the geography of corporate restructuring 
Hough H C - Uses of geographical information systems in health with special reference to Alzheimer’s disease 


Charles D R - The corporate dimension of research and development location 
Gentle C J S - The financial services industry : corporate reorganization and urban and regional development 
Phelps N A - The locally embedded branch plant? : a study of linkage change in the northern region of England


Carlisle Y M - Ideology : the neglected element of industrial decision making and culture ; with particular reference to technological change in the garment manufacturing industry
Dorling D - The visualisation of spatial social structure
Tomaney J - Technical change and the transformation of work : the case of the British coal industry
Cross A E - Building a health and environment geographical information system : an evaluation looking at childhood cancer in the  Northern England


Carver S - Application of geographic information systems to siting radioactive waste disposal facilities


Brunsdon C F M - Spatial analysis techniques applied to local crime patterns 
Raybould S R - Environmental correlates of childhood leukaemia in Tyne & Wear 


Heywood I D - Environmental radiation : monitoring and the siting of nuclear facilities 


Sanderson J - Analysis of the frictional structural and demand deficient components of unemployment and supply deficient vacancies and the formulation of an improved methodology for their measurement


Alderman N F - A case study of the application of log-linear and logit models in industrial geography
King S - Changing opportunities for young people in the labour market and public policy


Reynolds J - Locational and structural aspects of employment change in the retail sector : a case study of the north east of England


Hardill I - The regional implications of restructuring in the wool textile industry


Edwards R - Developments in the organisation and location of intermediate distribution in Britain


Smith I J - The spatial implications of takeovers in the United Kingdom, with particular reference to northern region manufacturing industry