Taught Postgraduate Degrees in Local and Regional Development

Local and regional development is undergoing a period of unprecedented change. New debates about the ‘knowledge economy’, ‘globalisation’, ‘competitiveness’, ‘rebalancing’, ‘inclusion’, ‘sustainability’ and ‘wellbeing’ are profoundly changing the nature of local and regional development processes, institutions and policies. International trends towards decentralisation, regionalisation, city-regionalism and localism are changing administrative and governance structures at the national, regional, sub-regional and local levels.

The global financial crisis, economic downturn and reorganisation of economic development and regeneration have focused the minds of local and regional policy-makers in shaping their responses and building the resilience of local and regional economies. Together, these inter-related developments are generating new challenges and a demand to build capacity for analysis, strategy and policy-making for local and regional development amongst individuals and institutions in the public, private and voluntary and community sectors.

The CURDS local and regional development taught programmes connect directly with this emerging agenda. Further details for the programme are available through the link below:

For further information on postgraduate studies in CURDS, contact Professor Andy Pike - Tel: +44 (0)191 222 8011 or e-mail andy.pike@ncl.ac.uk or you can view the course profile brochure for Postgraduate Studies in Local and Regional Development (PDF: 204KB).