Info for Staff

Data Protection Checklist for Schools

Raising awareness

  • Inform your staff that they are expected to read the University Data Protection Guidelines
  • Publicise our Data Protection Act Do's and Don'ts on departmental notice boards
Ensure that all staff within your department are informed that they:
  • may not hold personal data without consent or good reason
  • be advised to exercise particular care when dealing with sensitive personal data
  • always seek permission before sending personal data to countries outside the EEA
  • always seek permission before putting personal data on the Web
  • always be factual, discreet and prudent in what they write about other people - on paper or in e-mails


Staff should:

  • keep secure all personal files whether on paper or on computer
  • be conscious of the need for extra care if taking data home
  • ensure that confidential waste is always disposed of using established confidential waste routines

Examiners - internal and external

Inform all examiners that their reports are no longer confidential to the University and that any student, about whom they are writing, may gain access to them simply by submitting a Subject Access Request.